What can we do for you?

Here are some of the services we happily provide.


Clean and/or organize a myriad of areas and items: home, office, storage unit, apartment move out, construction clean, restaurant, garage, short-term rental.

Wash and fold laundry.

Dry-cleaning dropoff & pickup.

Organize closets.

Organize pantry.

Organize jewelry.

Decorate for holidays, break down, and put away.

Wrap presents.

Prep for parties.

Food prep (e.g., cut vegetables, pack bags for smoothies).

Painting prep.

Stage and maintain listed properties.

Pack moving boxes. Unpack with setup.

Haul away garbage to dumpster or donations.

Childcare can be provided during services.


Interior- and lower-level-window cleaning.

Gift certificates available. ¬†Imagine what a great shower gift or newlywed gift this would make, or for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.